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Cas is currently angel smilie

I think I’m going to have to start another another tag-collection entitled ‘gifts’, or “toys Cas really wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas/birthdays/just because she is special”.

What prompted this? Well, this did, a Disney branded USB hub:
Akihabara News - Disney USB hub
(click image to see source site)

The Toy Story aliens really work for me. Far superior to the ugly-black-brick I’ve got hidden under a pile of CD-Rs on the corner of the desk. Who knows what the specs are, how good the build quality is, or even how much it costs? It’s cute and evoking a response out of all proportion to the fact it is an inanimate lump of greenish-plastic.

I know, it really is pathetic how excited I get over peripherals. Still, if anyone has some spare yen hanging around, and a yen (meaning urge, see what I did there?) to gift their blog-overlordess (I need a better title, I really do) a little something to show their appreciation? Well, I wouldn’t be so ungracious as to refuse.

Oh, and that del.icio.us tag? http://del.icio.us/brightmeadow/gifts wink smilie