Minion Time!

Rich the other night reminded me that it’s been an absolute age since I made new Blog Minions. It’s been so long, in fact, that I expect a good portion of you have no idea what a Blog Minion is… So here’s a little explanation of what it is to be a Bright Meadow Minion. Blog Minions are special people around these parts. They are people who have gone out and brought something back to the table to share.

Before we go any further, please remember that I am British. We cheerfully insult the people closest to us. Yes, I admit it’s an odd concept, but there you go. I call my mother a dappy wench, she calls me a silly cow. My brother says all end of nasty things about me, and I say them right back at him. Hardly a day goes by without me mocking Moose, or Moose mocking me. We don’t mean anything by it, it’s how we show our love, how we show that we’re comfortable with the other person. It’s when I’m being exceedingly polite that you have to worry 😉 So for me to call you a “Minion” is really my way of expressing affection.

Truly, honestly.

Enough of my blather, time to name the lucky few:

  • Devin Reams – He’s never yet strayed into the comments and for all I know he doesn’t even read Bright Meadow (though more fool him) but he stepped up to the plate when I was being all blonde over getting a full-page screenshot (see his work here). My thanks Devin 🙂
  • Lila – a Bright Meadow newbie, Lila’s already inspired one Roast title and it looks like she’s just inspired another as well… Definitely a good addition to the mix – I wonder what’s next?
  • Rich – because he adores me. Yes I’m shallow, but I really need no other reason 😉
  • Tristan – for writing several episodes of the BrightCast. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to Minion-ifying you Tristan *blush*

Along with the above, I’d also like to name three more Honorary Minions – Tyme, Scrivs and Mike. At the risk of sounding disgustingly over the top and soppy, how could the triumvirate behind 9rules not get a Minion-Mention? There’s nothing tangible I can point you towards that will explain why they are Honorary Minions, but it is a certain that without 9rules Bright Meadow would be very different. Thanks guys 🙂

So what does being named a Minion get you? Um, you want more than my un-dying love and devotion? Greedy 😛 Well, when (if) we’re ever in the same city I’ll stand you a drink of some description. Oh, and you get this rather snazzy button

Yes, I know it’s a bit pants but I got made a member of 9rules on the basis of my content, not my non-existent design skills 😛 If you want to make another one, feel free!

And that’s it. Is it time for the group hug yet? 😛

Evil Sandpaper Gremlins

Originally uploaded by Hellblazer!.

You are looking at the blank space where the latest installment of Salt and Pepper Chess should be.

Why are you reading this words on the screen instead of hearing my dulcet tones spin you the most recent episode of the hapless Colin’s existence?

Because my dulcet tones, so much beloved by Josh, are currently missing. I sound, quite frankly, like a frog who’s smoked ten packs of fags a day for the past two decades. Or Keith Moon. I don’t mean Keith Moon but I’m a little high on Lemsip and can’t think of the singer I do mean. Someone with a suitably gravelly/croaky voice anyway.

Sexy in the movies; comical (and rather painful) in real life.

Luckily I made it through today’s launch event by the skin of my teeth and by dint of looking frantic and busy whenever someone tried to talk to me (not hard to do as I actually was frantic and busy) but I then got sent home at half four because I sounded “too pathetic and funny to be taken seriously”.

Which I thought was rather mean 🙁

I might have my voice back shortly, but going on past experience I’m likely to be playing host to the sandpaper-throat-gremlins for a good week or so, in which case don’t be holding your breath for Tristan’s efforts.

If anyone feels they have a voice that can do justice to the story, and of course Bright Meadow, do let me know and we might come to some arrangement. Minionhood of course. Undying love and devotion. Er… Immunity from the Ninja Penguins.

Nice things like that.

Oh, and the chance to have all the readers of Bright Meadow make fun of your accent, whatever it may be. Let’s not forget that 😉

Come on, 50p bet ya!

Penguin Football

I don’t care what it says. I don’t really care why it was made. I couldn’t give a flying monkeys why the person who made it chose the soundtrack they did (though it is a good track).

All I care is that it is penguins playing football.

My thanks JB for finding this. If I ranked my minions, this would probably get you gold status or something! 😀

My minions rule!

Blog Minion Bonanza!

Seems like it’s that time again. Another few people have inveigled their ways into my affections lately, and have done nice things for/around Bright Meadow.

Firstly it’s the turn of Dewayne. The man has an insanely long blogroll, but Bright Meadow got on there somehow a ways back, and Dewayne’s been a steady commenter ever since. What sterling service has propelled him into the ranks of Minionhood? Well, taking the time to track down an explanation of Morris Dancing is the latest that springs to mind.

Congratulations Dewayne. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke 🙂

The next minions are a slight departure for me. I’ve hummed and haa-ed over whether they qualify or not, but I finally plumped down on the side of “why the frell not? It’s my blog and I want to”.

Now, normally Minions are individuals who have participated over a period of time and have become part of the furniture. In a nice way of course. However, in my own mind there are also the people who, whilst they may not be regular visitors to the blog, take the time to help when they can. A case in point is the good people from coComment who have been stopping by over the last couple of days to help out with the whole “blog integration” thing. Logically you would expect a company dedicated to making conversation on the web better to have their people out and about, helping where they can, but it is still a bit of a surprise when they descend in the middle of your own blog.

Trust me on this.

So for all those times they have turned up, said nice things, and helped to rescue the kitten from the tree (and for fixing some very odd behavior regarding permalinks), I would like to name the entire coComment team honorary Blog Minions, with a special shout-out to nicolas and Chris.

Thank you guys – you’ve given the Internet a tool I think is genuinely exciting, and more importantly made me smile. Keep up the good work 😀

Everyone, have a button. What you do with them is totally up to you. (This is a revamped design I came up with late on a Friday evening after a hard week’s work and a workout at the gym. Feel free to use the older style button, design your own button, or just not take one away with you at all. I promise not to be upset 😉 )
new minion button
For more on what it means to be a Minion, read read this page here, and feel free to interrogate those made Minion before you.

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Hack My Mac

Ok, I have a question for y’all and I hoping that somewhere out there I have a reader who knows the answer:

Is there anyway I can set my Mac so that screenshots automatically get saved to a particular folder, not my desktop? If they can be saved to the folder and name themselves in some form of numerical order automatically, that would be even better.

I’m running OS X 10.4.6 on a slightly elderly PowerBook G4.

At the moment I’m taking screenshots, they are being saved to the desktop, then I am having to manually rename and move them to the “screenshots” folder. This bugs me – the extra steps seem unnecessary, and as a Mac user I am spoilt and don’t like unnecessary steps.

Proviso: Whilst I am computer literate, I am not used to crawling round in the code-guts of my computer. If your solution requires me to boot up Terminal, make sure you give me step-by-step instructions. Detailed step-by-step instructions. And are prepared to calm me down via MSN when it all goes wrong.

And yes, Minionhood awaits if you can make me one happy Cas 😀

To Minion, or Not to Minion, that is the question

I was on the train home today, staring out the window, listening to Eve 6, and the urge came over me to make new Blog Minions. Yes, I think about my blog whilst I commute. That’s not odd, is it?

Minion Button

Anyway, there are three new Blog Minions I would like to introduce you to:

The Brainy Snail, for taking care of me and making sure my brain didn’t explode before todays interview. So not exactly blog-related, but as she didn’t get a proper introduction for her previous Minion-contribution, I figure she deserves a little paragraph now. And trust me, managing to make me calm this afternoon was no mean task! Gibbering wrecks had nothing on me. Everybody, wave at the Brainy Snail.

Jay, for being brave and sharing a cheesecake recipe. That, and his little squirrel/beaver/rodent avatar makes me grin every time I see it. See, it doesn’t take much to be made a Minion. Be nice to Jay people, he’s new to Bright Meadow (at least, he’s only just started actually commenting). We don’t want to scare him away.

Crazy. Ah, Crazy. How can I not make someone who blogs under the name “Crazy” a Minion? He can generally be relied upon to say nice things in comments, so that’s a plus too. That, and he keeps asking to be made one. Way I figure it, if you want something that badly, who am I to deny you the pleasure? Say ‘hello’ to Crazy. I’m sure that straightjacket is just a fashion statement…

Now, being a Blog Minion can mean whatever you want it to mean. I don’t ask you to do anything – it is simply in recognition of the fact you are jolly good eggs, and people who have made Bright Meadow that little bit brighter 🙂 If you want to take the button back to your own site to proclaim your Minionhood (and make a handy link 😉 ) (if you even have your own site), please do so. If you want to completely redesign the button, please do that also. If you don’t want to link back, again, that is fine by me. I just want you to know that I appreciate you.

The full list of Blog Minions can be found here, as can a fuller explanation of what Minions are.

Mmm, tastes like chicken

Opposable thumbs are one of the most underrated things in our daily lives, something that has been brought home to me over the past 24 hours. It’s amazing what you can’t do when one thumb is out of action: pulling up tights; washing your hair easily; opening a pack of polos; doing up a pair of trousers; typing properly. Even doing up my bra this morning turned into more of a palaver than I had counted on.

How did I injure said digit? For reasons best known to myself, I decided that what my Spaghetti Bolognese really needed last night was “Hint of Cas” in the shape of a chunk of my left thumb. Instead of onion, I chopped me. Not pleasant, for me, or for Moose who was very speedy with the band-aids. (Thank you Moose 🙂 )

Now, what I should of done, when curious as to the taste of human flesh, was take myself off to HufuTM is the Healthy Human Flesh Alternative. The tofu based product was created for those anthropology students curious about cannibalism, but who weren’t too keen on chowing down on their dorm-mates after lights out. However, and I quote:

We also found that HufuTM is a great product for cannibals who want to quit. HufuTM is also a great cannibal convenience food — no more Friday night hunting raids!

Now, if I was a cannibal, I think I’d find those hunting raids part of the fun. Free range always tastes so much better than battery-farmed, don’t you think? Then again, you might fancy a burger but not fancy going out and roping a steer before you can have supper. I’m all for equal opportunities. Why shouldn’t cannibals have fast-food as well?

I am indebted to the “Head Temp” for finding out about HufuTM for me. It says something for how odd I really am: I’ve not been in the job a month and she stumbles across fake human flesh and the first thing she thinks is “Hmmmm, Cas would love that!” Anyway, I would like to proclaim her as the latest Blog Minion.

That’s not to say I give the impression I would like fake human flesh. Rather, I obviously give the impression that the weird and the bizarre on the ‘Net float my boat.

Everybody say hello to “the Head Temp” and make her welcome around Bright Meadow 🙂

(The “Head Temp” is only a temporary blog-name for this individual. I’m currently all uninspired, and I do like to give people the option of choosing their own blog-names if at all possible. One notable exception being the Cute Canadian. Well, it would have given the game away a lot sooner if he’d chosen the name under which he was being blogged about, wouldn’t it? Much less fun 😉 )