In the spirit of things I know today that I didn’t know yesterday: Yakult original tastes like lemon cheesecake, which is not what I was expecting it to taste like at all.

I’ve been on a course of WMD-strength antibiotics this past week and my entire digestive system has gone into massive upheaval as a result. I will spare you the gory details (I am trying to woo all my readers/commenters back after my prolonged absence after all) just suffice it to say I’ve not been feeling great lately. As in “had to take the past two days off work not great”. I made it into work yesterday then got sent home after scaring my boss… I only made it as far as the front door this morning.

I’ve actually made the decision to come OFF the antibiotics a few days early (*sharp intake of breath* I know, I’m related to doctors, I’m aware this is simply not done) because to be honest? The whole sore throat actually left me with rather a sexy/hoarse/bluesy voice which isn’t all that bad when you think about it. Plus we’re moving office on Friday, I really can’t miss more work.

Yes Phil, I know I should be taking it easy, but 😛 I’m not overstating my importance on this one. Much though spending the rest of the week reclining on the sofa appeals to me, I am needed in the office.

So in an attempt to get my entrails working like they’re supposed to as quickly as possible, I’ve decided that I need me some of those friendly bacteria. It still feels far too much like alternative medicine for my tastes but, I did grow up in the New Age capital of the UK, so I can live with that.

Come to Cassy little friendly bacteria… I’m not gonna hurt you…

In search of my Mojo

Cas Today - 26th Feb Hello all.

This is just a quick note to let you know I’m not going to be posting for a little while. Those lucky people who occasionally snaffle me on IM, the phone or *gasp* in person will know that my sparkle has been sadly missing for the past couple of weeks.

My get up and go has very definitely got up and gone.

Along with a bone crunching tiredness that has left me thinking wishfully of intravenous caffeine (or being allowed to sleep 24 hours a day!) my desire to write has pretty much lurked into hiding along with my sense of humour. The former I am on top of – yay for doctors and yet more blood tests, woot – and the later will be best served by not forcing it. Plus there’s been an excess of snark and meanness doing the rounds lately and it’s left a nasty taste in my mouth that’s really kinda put me off the whole blogging/internet/community gig. I just need to sit out on the sidelines for a bit and remind myself that it’s all just meant to be fun.

Given a week or so I am sure that I will be bursting with things to share, and my doctor is hot on the trail of my missing fizz, so worry not! Cas will return even better than before – just don’t go looking for me on the blog till the start of April.

If the thought of not having me around till then sends chills up your spine (well I am wonderful, so you can be forgiven 😉 ) I expect I will still be twittering and possibly even flickring a little bit so keep an eye on me there.

Till my return, mes amis 🙂

Can I really?

Can I really like a guy who uses text txt speak?

I’m talking honest to god usage of “C U L8R” and other gems.

Can I really, truly like a guy who does that?

Lessons Learnt Today

*Note to self*
Burning your lunchtime potato waffles in order to test the fire alarms is not a good idea. It leads to having to open all the windows in the flat to clear the smoke, which in turn leads to you sitting wrapped in the duvet because it’s so cold you can see your breath.

Plus, fire alarms are LOUD when you have a headache!

On the plus side, at least we know they work now and that’s there’s no way on god’s green earth we’d ever sleep through them 😕

Sorry Moose

Just, sorry.

I didn’t mean to give away plot points for Angel.

I’m sorry.

*hangs head in shame*

It just goes to show

Just goes to show, you never can tell.

I just filled in a dyslexia questionnaire for work (got to trial these things on ourselves before we can let them loose on the clients) and if you get 9 or more ‘yes’ responses, it “suggests a dyslexia type problem”.

I got 15 *

Could be worse, but it sure explains an awful lot.

* Though I challenge one of the questions – hell, YOU try saying the months of the year backward. It’s not easy!


It’s official. I don’t like lemon on my pancakes. Each year I go to myself “do I like lemon on pancakes?” So I try some lemon on a pancake and invariably ruin a pancake because it turns out I DON’T like lemon on pancakes.

So I thought I would blog about it so next year, I don’t forget.