The Rest Holm Times – Archive: June 2003

– For I am randomly bored, and because now I’ve “inspired” Paul, I feel I should acutally make something of this place, you can have another items of news to read.

Um, well, another highly uneventful day has passed in the life of Cas Buchanan. For today, I have loafed, I have purchased groceries, and I have watched X-Men. Oooh, but DVD’s are fun. And I’ve upped my junk-mail protection. To quote Jess, I’m getting fed up of recieveing emails telling me that I can enhance bits I don’t have, or bits that I am fine with just the way they are!

There are a few more tweaks around and about, though I’ve still to sort out all the copyright dates. I am sure I mentioned somewhere about my propensity to just waffle… Well, just in case I dreamt it, take this as your warning. I take no responsibilty for the complete dross that might (and most likely will) on occasion pour from my keyboard.

And on that completely random note, I shall once more take myself off to try and get some sleep. Yes, it is depressingly early, yes Tom, I am a bad student, but I am frelling tired, I look like I crawled from the grave, and I want some sleep. So there =P (Oh, I also ramble when I am tired, so you’ve got me coming and going tonight). Night!