The Rest Holm Times – Archive: May 2004

– Well, it has been so long since I last updated around here I think you could all be forgiven for thinking that I am dead. I am not. Or, if I am, I have a very active ghost…

Well, here is all you need to catch you up since the last time I did anything around here:

I have finished my degree! There were a few points over the past three years that I really doubted if I would make it or not, but it looks like I have actually managed to survive with the (majority) of my sanity intact! Yay me!

Still looking forward to Southampton – all there is for me to do now is anxiously await the results that are due in a few weeks. Gulp. Cross whatever you can for me, ‘kay?

Back in sunny Somerset (well, it was sunny till I turned up, put on the bikini and prepared to sunbathe. Now the weather is so bad I am hunting out an umbrella!) Been applying for some jobs to try and allieviate the boredom that comes from being down here whilst everyone is still scattered to the four winds. That, and totally rearranging my room. Looks rather snazzy now, even if I do say so myself.

On that note, I will leave you all to do whatever you are doing, for I have some programs to install. Drasche, if you are out there lurking somewhere, talk to me sweetie!