The Rest Holm Times – Archive: June 2004

– Next news item – I have some new pets, the Voodoo Fish, more commonly known as Ian and Clive. For those archaeologists out there, think Hodder and Orton (or Gamble). For the non-archaeologists, the story goes as follows: there are two eminent archaeologists between whom are shared the honours of 1) writing the majority of the articles my dissertation was based on and 2) writing some articles that I personally find silly and VERY badly written. Just because we are archaeologists doesn’t mean that we can feel free to butcher the english language. So I have taken fishy revenge and named my two new goldfish after them. As for why ‘Voodoo Fish’, well, on the off chance that these two go the way of their predecessors Chips and Co, Mum asked if perhaps it was wise to name them after real people. After all, how would I feel if the real Ian and Clive also sickened?

Stranger things have been know to happen.

The two have very distinct personalities – Ian is the bold one, always coming to the front of the tank to see what is going on in the world. Clive is the chicken of the pair, tending to lurk behind the weed or, if swimming round the tank, sticking close to Ian for protection.