The Rest Holm Times – Archive: November 2004

19-11-2004 – Happy christmas to me from my wonderful parents. They took pity on my RSI ridden wrists, and the pain they were experiencing typing on a tiny laptop keyboard, and have given my a shiny keyboard as an early pressie! It really is very shiny, with wireless bluetooth connectivity to boot! Pity it isn’t all titaniumy to go with the powerbook, but clear and white has a certain groovieness as well. *huggles* parents!

Seeing as how I no longer have the excuse of nasty keyboards for short news-reports, let’s see what else I have to share with you. UM. Well, the date for the cookie wars has been set – next tuesday. I will, of course, win, with the chocolate biscuits. But it isn’t the winning that is important, it is the eating the cookies 😀 Hmmmm. Really, I am living a very dull life at the moment, news wise. Time is spent being lectured too, more time is spent reading around to try and understand what said lectures are about (I defy anyone to understand Entity-Relationship diagrams and modelling of relational databases from one hour long lecture), and of course going to the cinema and watching DVD’s. Going to the gym has lapsed somewhat in the last few weeks (bad Cas), but I’ve been ill, and busy, and I couldn’t go today because I had to be in for when the delivery man called… Next week. Honest.