The Rest Holm Times – Archive: December 2004

– This is just going to be a quickie as I’m in the middle of the nightmare database assignment from Hell.

Films watched: Kill Bill 1 & 2, The Increadibles, The Merchant of Venice, America’s Sweethearts, Stargate, High Fidelity, Bourne Identity.

Episodes of West Wing: The entire of Series 4. I know, I know. My resolve weakened, then disapeared entirely yesterday. It was either databases, or West Wing. You do the math. Only thing is – I can’t wait for series 5 now. I want to know what happened! One minute Bartlett, the next, John Goodman!

Baking related incidents: A batch of char-grilled rock buns (& burn on hand) due to someone leaving a pile of scank in the bottom of the oven. I have my theories who is responsible *narrowed eyes*

Days the Flat Alarm has failed to wake me at 8am sharp: zero.

Trailers watched: too many to count. I’ve been going through the Quicktime site when bored…One that does stick in the memory is the one for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I won’t inflict the link on you because the song is just EVIL but Johnny Depp is also rather disturbing. They’re billing this film for families. Perhaps they should hand out sleeping pills and the number of local psychiatrists at the end of showings.