The Rest Holm Times – Archive: January 2005

– Because I can, an edit done whilst sitting in the cafe at uni, drinking a cup of tea and eating a clementine. I am a multi-tasking goddess! Sort of. Ah, I love wireless 😀

Well, things have been frantic here lately, and I can’t see me sitting down to do a proper update anytime soon, so here goes:

Films watched: Far too many! I’ll list them when I get home and can look at the ticket stubs 😀

Assignments completed: 1, the easy one.

Assignments still to do: 2, both nasty, evil, horid ones.

Lecturer’s who think I am a ditsy female: pretty much all of them.

Lecturer’s disapointed because I can’t do something with her data that I said I would: 1.

Work do’s missed because too busy with uni: 1

Nights where spent hours getting to sleep because pannicking about assignments not done: far too many.

Random people telling me they read my site: 2! :O Hey Jas and Eric 🙂 And what were you trying to complement me on Eric? The guestbook cut you off just as it was getting good!

Um, lecturer’s must go and see now to get more data off for evil assignment due in in under two weeks: 1, so toodles…

*turns into white rabbit* *disapears down rabbit hole saying “no time, no time”.