The Rest Holm Times – Archive: January 2005

– Ok, I should be doing XML right now, but I can’t, which leads me into my mini-Post Office rant.

Our post gets delievered every day, around 11 am, and gets put in our postboxes. All well and good and as you would expect. The postboxes themselves are fairly small, but they are in a secure place, so you would think that parcels too big to go in them would be left underneath. You would be wrong. You would also think that, in the event of an item being too big or being recorded delievery, the postman would ring our doorbell to try and get hold of us. Oh, you do dwell in a fantasy land, don’t you? No, what you do get after waiting in all morning for a parcel to arrive from Amazon with the one book you really, really need to help you finish an important assignment, is a rather annoying little card from the postman saying “Sorry you weren’t in to accept your parcel, I’ve taken it back to the depot. Please leave 24 hours before coming to collect it. We can also arrange for it to be redelivered. Please leave 24 hours before trying to contact us.” Now, the depot is a good 30 minute walk away, with no direct bus routes, and no parking at that end so driving isn’t really an option either. And I can’t arrange for redelivery, because the postman doesn’t believe in ringing the doorbell to let you know he is here… To compound the problem, I can’t normally get to the depot before 5.30 each day due to uni and work commitments, and it closes at 5pm.

I am not sure what annoys me more – having wasted the entire morning hanging around for the book, the “sorry you weren’t in” when I WAS in, or the prospect of when I finally do get hold of the book it will be too late for the assignment and I will have wasted £20. Normally I’d be able to go tomorrow morning before class, but I can’t, because I am helping out all day at the bloody conference. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, that rant was slightly longer than planned, but I do feel marginally better now I have vented :S