The Rest Holm Times – Archive: January 2005

– Quick status report:

Cured schema of identity crisis and made it go ‘green’ – check.

Tried to link xml file to said schema, failed to make it go ‘green’ – check.

Irritating bugs in XRay found that:

  • Add extra tags at the bottom of a file randomly, making the thing that was green a minute ago go yuky orange for no reason other than it feels like it.
  • Error messages that tell you there are errors on lines that don’t frelling exist!
  • General inability to validate ‘live’ when the document is on your hard drive and not the web.

Grrr. Other than that, things are going peachy. Watched Aviator yesterday (good, but long), quit my job (finally!), discovered that Muller Jaffa Cake Corners (possibly) have evil colourings in them that trigger my allergies, and made a parental unit realise that yes, the course I am doing might just be useful in the future, and that quitting my job was acutally a sensible thing to do because the deadlines are slowly driving me further up the wall.

Speaking of deadlines, I am now off to write all about how to manage a digitising/archiving project. I swear I know more about digitial image processing than anyone would ever want to.