The Rest Holm Times – Archive: January 2005

– Today has the makings of being a VERY soggy toast day! Just went into the kitchen, and the door to the one remaining empty room in the flat is open. About two weeks ago, we all got the fright of our lives when we overheard someone being shown around the flat, and looking into the empty room, but we persuaded ourselves that lightening doesn’t strike twice, and that we weren’t going to get another new flatmate without being told. Looks like we were wrong. I haven’t actually seen anyone move in yet, but all the indications are that they might be. Gulp.

Some explanation about the current flat dynamic – six of us, sharing one kitchen (with one cooker), one fridge, one freezer, one bathroom, and two toilets. Five of us get along really well. The sixth, not so much. The thought of adding a seventh to the mix does strike terror in my heart. Looking at it objectively, we can’t be that unlucky twice in a row, but there just isn’t room for a seventh person! There are only six shelves in the fridge, and that is a tight squeeze as it is. Grrrr. Yes, I know I am just being territorial and a wee bit petty (I hate it when that girl is right), but some warning would be nice! Or being asked! It’s not like we are dirty dirty undergrads (to quote the cute canadian), we are grownup postgrads (graduate students for those of you over the Pond) and we have to work. Our living environment is crucial!

I repeat, Grrrr.