The Rest Holm Times – Archive: February 2005

– Well, the poor car (I still haven’t found a name for it, and it is looking like it might be a little late now :S) just got picked up by the chap from the garage. He didn’t want to tell me if he thought it could be mended or not, but he did keep repeating “I can’t believe how much that front end has dropped”, and muttered under his breath how he wasn’t sure how he’d get it on the back of the tow-truck. He managed it but it was a close run thing. None of the above is really inspiring confidence in me as to whether the poor beast is repairable or not. Ah well, now I just have to wait to hear back from either the garage or the insurance company. *sigh*

Happy Pancake Day (for yesterday). We actually celebrated it for the first time in a while (the attempts at L’pool don’t count, because we rarely managed to make edilble pancakes). I was flipping like a pro! Great fun was had corrupting the Latvian flatmate with chocolate sauce. We also discovered the secret to eternal (female) happiness, but I’m not going to share, because I feel that the males of this world need to work harder and find it out for themselves *grin*.

Birthday greetings to the newly-straight-haired one, and to the grumpy boy from L’Pool 🙂