The Rest Holm Times – Archive: March 2005

– Well I have found one way to stop me from playing solitaire: replace the mouse batteries with dud ones so that I have to resort to the trackpad! As the laptop is resting on the OED to bring it to an ergonomic height (still waiting on Farv to build me a nice stand), this means that moving the mouse around the screen is currently fraught with RSI till I can get to the supermarket to buy some proper duracell batteries. Last batteries put in mouse (duracell) lasted two months. Current batteries put in mouse (cheap black diamond) lasted five minutes. And that really is not an exageration!

In other news, Cas is getting healthy! I have been going to the gym like a good girl, twice a week, and this is the third week of the new routine! Cross-Trainers are evil, evil exercise machines that were put on this earth with the sole purpose of injuring me (very egocentric, but this is my site). I am starting to come around to the idea of treadmills though – the ones in the gym have these wonderful little fans that blow cool air at you whilst you are running. I am so easily pleased.