The Rest Holm Times – Archive: March 2005

– Some good news, some bad news this week. I finally managed to get a copy of Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars on dvd, got it home to watch it, and found that disc one was unplayable. So I’ve just taken it back and got a replacement, so hopefully I can watch it now! Evil Jo for leaving me her dvd collection whilst she was away. My severe lack of self control, and also the fact that for the first time in over 6 months I haven’t had to work at the weekend, meant that I spent the vast majority of saturday and sunday in bed (or on bed) watching the entire of series one of Arrested Development. That, and several films including Amelie, Proof of Life, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Not a bad way to spend the weekend, but I now feel exceedingly guilty for not having done any uni work. But then what is new? On the good side, I have started to write something! A bit of a departure for me as it is set very firmly in the present day and the real world, and I am not sure where it is going to go, but for a first time in a long time I got the tingles when I wrote, which is all to the good. I’ll keep you posted. Just had a passport picture taken for the purposes of a railcard (not having a car SUCKS!) and dear lord, I don’t look like that do I?! Because *shudder*. Now, I am off to the gym once more. Actually looking forward to it! Time to work through some plotting and the like.