The Rest Holm Times – Archive: March 2005

07-03-2005 (later in the evening)
– Wow, but Daredevil was a bad film! Had a bit of a Ben Affleck evening (Jersey Girl and afore mentioned red leather clad comic book character). I had seen Daredevil before but I had thought that it can’t have been as bad as I remembered. Oh how wrong you can be! Colin Farell did make me laugh though 😀 I kept waiting for him to say “they stole me lucky charms!” Thanks must go to the film though because it’s reminded me that I like 12 Stones’ music. In good news, I passed Research Skills! Whilst not as stunning marks as I would have liked, meh, I passed 🙂

Oh, what thoughts on the newish look? Trying to make it a bit brighter around here after a comment about the general greyness.