The Rest Holm Times – Archive: March 2005

– You are looking at an irritated Cas. What irritates me even more about this situtation, is that I wasn’t irritated ten minutes ago. Ten minutes ago I was rather a happy bunny, especially after pleasant conversations with certain individuals. But now, I am not happy. Not at all. Definately not. No no. Grrr.

Hands up those of you who have lived in halls? Now hands up those of you who lived in halls where there was a ‘no poster’ rule? And now, hands up who has lived in a hall where this draconian law is actually enforced? Yep, that’s right, the managers of my hall decided today in their hall inspection (which they didn’t give the legally required 24 hours for) that posters/things on walls in general are a big no no. Which leaves me with (1) nasty, badly plastered, magnolia coloured walls with the paint flaking off, (2) no handy month-planner above my desk, and (3) having to stick all important notices on a fricking piece of CARPET stuck on the wall THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM TO MY DESK which is where I am when I have to SEE the frelling notices. Definately not a happy bunny at all. I could understand it if the paint work was pristeen. It isn’t. As already mentioned it is flaky, horrible, and frankly can only be improved by blu-tack marks. Their explanation? They cause a fire hazard. Plus, scrawled on the form I found on my bed, is the order to remove something from the room, but it is written illegibly so neither Jo nor me can work it out. The most likely thing we think it might be is ‘kettle’, but we can’t understand that as you are permitted kettles! GAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus the thought of me let loose on the world in the morning without a cup of tea frankly scares the bejesus out of me. I need that kettle! Now, I am going to stalk off to Asda to do the weekly grocery shop which in itself is likely to piss me off because it is a large one this week. I was so happy this morning…