The Rest Holm Times – Archive: March 2005

Non-sequiter of the week:

  • “Pigeons were mating in the birch tree today” – Moose. The point with it being a non-sequiter is that it needs no context 15-03-2005

A fluffy worm called ‘Kitty’

I’m trying to write this news item whilst listening to Blackadder Goes Forth on tape, so if it is littered with references to cunning plans, speckled Jim’s, and random typo’s caused by bursts of hilarity, blame Rowan Atkinson and co. I got back from a highly enjoyable but exhasuting Easter weekend spent on the boat on Tuesday, and I am still recovering! 48 locks in two and a half days, plus the installation of a new kitchen, reattaching the prop-shaft, hypothermia, and assorted other trials and tribulations – a normal weekend on the boat really. Great fun was had (in between groans of agony), and now I am back refreshed and ready to get on with planning dissertations and major projects and the like… Gulp

Films watched in March:
Life Aquatic
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Hotel Rwanda
Man on Fire
Tomb Raider 2
Layer Cake
Napoleon Dynamite
Mystic River
One Night at McCools
Miss Congeniality 2
Roman Holiday