The Rest Holm Times – Archive: April 2005

A fluffy blue unicorn called ‘Kitty’

The fair has come to Southampton so, what else can a girl and her flatmate do, but go to the fair? Jo and myself went on Thursday afternoon, managed to spend nearly twenty quid between us, and have nothing to show for it bar one fluffy top hat wearing snake tied in knots a-piece, a plastic bow and arrow set (Jo’s pride and joy), and a fluffy blue unicorn creature called Kitty.

An explanation of sorts for the name I feel is in order. A couple of nights ago I had a very odd dream, the presence in which of a three-foot long, Bagpuss-striped, fluffy worm calling itself Kitty was only just the oddest part. I don’t normally remember my dreams, though lately I have had some with a recurrent Millfield (people from) theme that have freaked the crap out of me, so waking up with the full plot of the Kitty dream fresh in my mind was odd in and off itself. An attempt to explain the dream to Jo only lead to her even firmer in her convictions of my insanity, and a fresh appreciation of how bizare a worm called Kitty was. And then I won the unicorn-creature. When you see it you might understand why it could only be called Kitty. It took me five minutes before I realised it even was a unicorn!

Sorry for the dodgy quality of the pic, but I only have my camera-phone at the moment. Ooh, and look at my shiny keyboard and dual-screen goodness! *gloat* (Ignore the OED being used as a stand. That will be remedied when father dear gets all creative with some wood and kitchen-cupboard legs…)

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