Eggs Over Easy

I’ve googled myself (sounds painful, doesn’t it?), and the only blooming reference to me within the first three pages on Google (I frankly have better things to do with my time than to look through all 524,000 hits) is to my appalling performance at BUSA archery a few years back. Now I have reason to not want to have to relive the memory of this event – it was my first competition back after many years of injury, but half way through my back gave out totally, and I mean totally. The five hour journey back from Edinburgh is a thankful blur of pain-meds and being unfolded from the minibus at the end by sympathetic team mates. It took over a year and extensive physio to recover from that particular competition. On top of that, the day before the comp I had just split with the then SO. Looking back, not such a big deal, but at the time I was most definitely NOT a happy bunny.

Why, do you ask, was I googling myself in the first place? Well, it has just been borne home to me the fact that anyone can view this blog
*points to the comment on the mini me post* (I am 90% certain that Jackson B as an individual is unknown to me. If I am wrong… my bad.)
So, I thought, what information can the curious out there garner about me from google? Thankfully, the answer to this question is “not a frelling thing” other than that I am an abysmal archer, I am a rather successful poet/author, and that I died aged 36 in a small village in Essex. Other random things attributed to my namesakes that exist out there (for yes, they were named after me!) were just too random, or plain dull, to stick in my sieve like mind.

There was something else I wanted to share with y’all, but I meant what I said just now, brain-injured goldfish have nothing on me.

*waves at people, both new and old, goes to watch Equilibrium because why not, and frankly the pressure to be funny/amusing is starting to get to me :P*