Bowling For Penguins

So perhaps I am a little penguin-obsessed at the moment, but I do believe that they are evil. I don’t hate them – I save my hatred for slugs – in fact I rather like the critters, but they are evil. The evidence:

  • The evil penguin in the Wallace & Grommit animations
  • The psychotic penguins in Madagascar (up and coming, watch the trailers here to see what I mean: Trailer 1, Trailer 2
  • The penguins with hammers in Honda’s recent ‘Hate Something, Change Something’ add. I won’t put in a link, because even I am not evil enough to spread that song about again…
  • The penguins at the zoo: Back in february (if you can remember back that far) I told you about my trip to the Zoo, which had been a cheer-up trip with Farv to make up for a dead car. Anyway, whilst I was there, I had to go and have a look at the penguins. I took photographic evidence of their evilness…
    conferring, ‘quick, they’re looking’, all innocence, and then I saw this…

Yep, evil. Very, very evil.

Anything else? Um… No, actually, not tonight. Splitting headache, knackered due to the Flat Alarm getting up at 7am every day for the past week, one more proposal to write, and about as much desire to do that as I have to french kiss a slug. Also, my legs hurt like anything after a particularly hard session at the gym. New pb on the X-trainer though. So now, if you will excuse me, this is Cas signing off for the night.

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