Just A Small Croco

Just a few minor tweaks to the template to report. Nothing major, just a couple of additions/changes to the sidebar. (That bit on the right of the screen that starts with my profile, and ends with the archive list…)

Felt a bit manky today, so skived a lecture. I have two lectures a week to make it into, one at 11 am, the other at 12.50, yet in the past two weeks I have still made it to 25% of them. Yep, missed three out of four. When I was an undergrad, I never missed lectures! Ok, so I missed a few, but I felt really bad about it, and tried not to do it too often. I even managed to turn up to one 9am Tuesday morning one (Egyptology 101) when I had only got back to halls at 5am. In retrospect I would have been better off staying in bed, because I did fall asleep in that particular lecture, but still, it showed willing. Why is it when I get to being a postgrad, I suddenly kick loose? There is no answer expected to that question, I was being rhetorical, in case you were wondering. If I don’t understand my motives, then lord above knows no one else is going to be able to work them out!

I am a little disapointed no one even attempted to guess where the title of the last post came from. My wonderful new idea falls flat at the first hurdle.

🙁 < -- this is Cas looking sad and disapointed in case you are curious. I shall leave you with this thought - who would you rather have, Professor Higgins, or Freddy? (That is Freddy from My Fair Lady, not Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street). Personally, I am not sure that I would go for Freddy, but I certainly wouldn’t go for mouldly old Professor Higgins either. Bleck!