Evil Drives A Mini Van

Or, in this case, the hell cycle from Ghost Rider. I was telling the Cute Canadian about it yesterday, and I was trying to find the pic online, but failed dismally. All is better now though. Alas, I also managed to cover myself in balsamic vinegar whilst in his presence, so I have even less (correction, no) hope there. At what point, I wonder, in the past few months, did my chances reach into the negative part of the spectrum? He did finally establish my true geek credentials though – mildly surprised it took six months, but better late than never. In case you are wondering, establishment of geek status, and self-annointing with salad dressing, were mutually exclusive events that just happened to occur within the same few hours.

Lol. Just so long as the continued recounting of my ritual humiliation and social failures amuses y’all.

Enjoy, ~Cxxx~

Link to the Hell Cycle

*edit* – Seeing as how the pretty picture only seemed to work for me (I am special!), I’ve put a link to the Hell Cycle instead. Still pretty flaming bike, but at one remove.