I Need A Better Filing System

Not a coherent post today, due to me actually doing some work for once! But this little collection of interesting bits and pieces has been building up on in my ‘blog-bits’ file for a week or so now. Time for a clear out… Oh, and before I forget, for the purposes of this blog, in a pathetic attempt to mask his real identity, Option Two will now be referred to as ‘Jeff’. Naming him ‘Jeff’ isn’t quite as odd as it might appear at first glance, but it is still a million miles away from his real name. And slightly less insulting than ‘Option Two’.

2 thoughts on “I Need A Better Filing System

  1. Ah, got to love the whole transfering archives from one platform to another thing, if only because it leads to time travel 😀

    *waves at Mata*

    Hello 🙂

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