it doesn’t mean we’re engaged or anything

It seems that my musing duties must now be extended to cover Jeff (the person formally known as Option 2). We were all in the lab last night, doing our thing, ostensibly frantically working on our projects, but also having a laugh and generally doing whatever we could to avoid work. Fairly frequently I had to wheel the chair to the other side of the lab to give Tilly a hand, and whilst over there one time, I couldn’t help but hear Jeff berating his machine – calling it all sorts of unpleasant names you wouldn’t think that a nice young lad like him knew. Since I didn’t want to return to my own project, I volunteered my services, which were gratefully accepted. I just had to look at the machine and it worked! He swears blind he had been doing exactly the same thing for the past half an hour, but that it hadn’t worked for him. Lol. I went like that for the rest of the evening – he’d ask for help, I’d look at the machine, and it would work. If only my powers would extend toward my own project!

Once more, no time (or inclination) for a proper post on a topic that has caught my eye, so here’s another list of things that have amused me in the past few days:

  • So unbelievably cute!!!!!! Trailer for March of the Penguins. Though in some of the shots it looks like a bloke inside a penguin suit, I’m sure!
  • Ah, the irony: Microsoft Xbox 360 is actually two Mac G5’s! Ok, so this is just a demo for the E3 tech show, but still. Kinda funny, huh?
  • Can I have one! ‘Real’ R2D2
  • So the BM has a sense of humour! Good on them I say 🙂
  • Sometimes you can take things that step too far: Darth Tater
  • George Galloway, as diplomatic as ever: when speaking to the Senate sub-committee on Tuesday, said the following “I know that standards have slipped over the last few years in Washington but for a lawyer you are remarkably cavalier with any idea of justice.” Ouch.
  • Woot, woot, woot!!!!!! American cities pledge to cut greenhouse gases. I take it back America, all is forgiven.
  • NYT to charge subscription. Not sure if this is going to include charging for the headlines or not, but you can be damn sure I won’t be paying $50 a year. I’ve barely come to terms with having to register with these frelling sites! On the plus side though, my daily news-reading time will be drastically reduced.
  • Just click. Trust me. Funny. (David Pogue singing, especially listen to ‘Happily Addicted to the Web’, and ‘America Online the Beautiful’, ‘I Just Called to Say I Bought You’)