For that is my evil laugh…

Wow, it’s been over a week since the last time I posted. The new month is already toddling around on it’s own. In a few days it will have learnt to walk. For once I actually do have a good reason for this neglect of you, my beloved readers, and this reason is -drum roll please- work. Yep, that’s right, work. Unfortunately assignments, not the paid variety. I might have mentioned previously the three large pieces of work all due in for the 27th – if I haven’t, three there were, and nasty they were too. I managed to get them all done on time, though no guarantees as to their quality, and by Friday afternoon I was ready to die. Seriously. I could have been a zombie extra from Shaun of the Dead.

My supervisor took one look at me on Thursday and ordered me, yes ordered me to take a week off. I wouldn’t have been surprised to find out they’d been laying bets in the staff lounge as to how long I could last before keeling over. Any way, who am I to argue with the Godhead that is Graeme?

My loving father offered me the haven of the boat for the long weekend and I took it. I didn’t do much other than sit in a very comfortable chair, read four books, watch bad TV, drink cups of tea, eat flapjacks, and sleep. There was lots of sleep. When I got back home on Tuesday, there was just time to go to the dentist, before the BBQ to say good bye to the Scouse One, which ended rather late. Wednesday was taken up with Star Wars: ROTS, buying Firefly and West Wing Season 5 dvd’s, watching Firefly, and sleeping. Thursday = Firefly and sleeping. Which takes us to today, and going to the gym, Firefly, and sleeping.

All of which means that I am finally in a place to start posting once more. You have been warned – expect several long posts in the next few days. Oh, and I have recieved assorted emails. I will be responding in a few – see above post for reasons why I haven’t yet.


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