sadly i’m not good at rejection. you’re going to have to die

Once again, the will to blog has temporarily left me, so I am going to fall back on the old faithfuls of random snippets of information.

  • The Mystery Its (mentioned in conjunction with the post shortly after May 8th, that Moose gave me for my unofficial birthday) are actually the Clive’s (Chives). They are doing nicely. Sadly, the Basil’s aren’t doing so well. Fred is dead, Barney is hanging in there, and Whilma is doing the best of the bunch, but isn’t looking as healthy as she could do. Not surprising seeing as how I am one of the least green-fingered people I know. I can just about keep spider plants alive, but that’s it. Sad, when you think I am descended from two wonderful gardeners. Granddad had a garden to die for, whilst my Mum just has to look at a plant and it thrives. I even managed to kill the cactuses I had when I was a kid 🙁
  • My lecturers are starting to use phrases that make me think they are aliens impersonating the Great Dave and Graeme the Godhead: Yikes! and Groovy! respectively. Odd. Very odd. To think these people command the respect of a large portion of the archaeological community.
  • On a related topic, my thesis is officially started, with my supervisor rubbing his hands in excitement like a little schoolboy. Not literally of course, but in my head… My enthusiasm on the other hand has run away and is hiding in the corner gibbering.
  • Because we all need a laugh – Dancing Hugh. It’s just a clip from Love Actually, but the Fan Club’s name is amusing. In fact the whole thing is just funny. I have independent verification of this. It’s not just me being silly. Ah, the beauty of random blogs…
  • My sense of humour, whilst warped, rarely lets me down, so trust me on the following: A Threadbared Epic: “Barbie & Ken – Living In A Crocheted Paradise”. I repeat. Trust me.
  • So totally hypnotic: Pencil Clock. One of these days I want to see it go from one day to the next.
  • Aren’t you glad that I have had nothing to do today bar trawl the internet?
  • He’s 82, and blogging with the best of them. My mother is… not that old… and can’t remember how to turn her shiny MacMini on. Odd, really.
  • Ok, so some people do complain about pylons as well as windfarms (if you didn’t read the Lost Posts, then you’re missing out on a peach of a related rant…)
  • Ten things everyone should know about digital cameras.

In other more Cas-related news, the Cute Canadian, Moose, and myself went to see Sin City on Monday. I enjoyed it. Not as much as I was expecting to, alas. Truly stunning visually (possibly worthy of an oscar nod, or some form of award at least), and acted to perfection. I will never look at Frodo in quite the same way again! (Elijah Wood plays a mute psychopathic ninga-style cannibalistic killer, for those of you who haven’t seen the film). On the down side, the heavy voice over that works perfectly in graphic-novel style seemed forced, and there were parts that were just too faithful to the comics. The middle section with Dwight (Clive Owen) and the killer prostitutes seemed unnecessary, and the rest seemed a little jumbled. Definitely glad I saw it, and the gore wasn’t overpowering as I was worried it might be: in fact, to quote one critic, a very empowering film for a woman, considering the number of testicles that were chopped/shot off, and the way the female characters generally kicked collective ass. Trying to decide on a rating is a hard one: not quite a two and half penguins, but at the lower end of the three penguin scale.

The other film we saw this week was The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse. Now, I am probably one of the few students in this country who wasn’t slavishly devoted to the series. The bits I watched I liked and found funny, but it wasn’t really by thing. I do admit its true genius in totally subverting the meaning of the word ‘Local’ for me for ever more though. So, whilst looking forward to the film, I was prepared not to mind if it was a bit pants. I liked it! Some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, so proper ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww moments as you have come to expect from the League, and a plot farcical enough to keep a Python happy. On the downside, possibly a few more characters and confusion than really needed, and in places it seemed a little forced. Worth the money though. Firmly in the middle-to-upper three penguin range.