Imagine if every thursday your shoes exploded

This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining. (Jef Raskin)

Which is my way of saying: ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I loath computers with a firey firey passion, and wish that we all still did things with pen, paper, and an abacus. No, that’s still too high tech. I want us to go back to drawing on the walls of our caves with bits of charcoal. That’s it. Nothing more than stone and charcoal.

Not a good day in the lab. It was working sweet for five minutes, then all hell broke loose. Sob. To have a wiki and to loose it is surely worse than never to have a wiki at all.


Other than that, Happy Solstice Everyone!
Today is the first solstice in a while I haven’t been in Glastonbury, so I hadn’t tweaked what date it was till I read a news story this evening about the gathering at Stonehenge. Normally, I’m walking down the highstreet, and by the time three or four random people have tried to hug me, I’ve realised what day it is. Seriously – random strangers flinging themselves at me. Alas, if you know Glastonbury at all, you’ll understand why this isn’t an all together joyous event. Those doing the flinging tend to be of the hippy/traveller/not-washed-in-a-week variety. Still, the sentiment is nice, and everyone is happy around solstice times. People don’t do that in Southampton. There is a distinct lack of flinging going on.

Big Brother till 2007 – oh dear lord no! Isn’t it enough that BB was lampooned in Dr Who just the other week? [Perfect example of life mirroring Sci-Fi] Must the insanity continue?

I like my tea, so when I saw this story about Tregothnan Tea, I got all excited, but a little skeptical at the same time. It’s taken the Chinese thousands of years to grow drinkable tea. These guys have been doing it seven years. Also, a little expensive for me. If anyone wants to send me a nice gift of some though, I wouldn’t say no…

These are actually pretty shiny! Tech jewelry. Purdy jewelry.

That’s it. I am off to go and do something else. Not sure what. Just know that it won’t entail lifting my arms above my head any, because I went to the gym today (got some pb’s!) and now I ache just a little bit. Toodles.