A guy who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues

Aren’t you lucky lucky people – a post a day for the last three days! And it’s not that my life has been that exciting really. I’m just in the mood to blog.

Follow up on the whole mouse issue: I now have a new mouse, Kevin. He was a bargain from Argos. Cordless, rechargable, and the cradle serves as the transmitter, so not to bulky for the desk. Not the shiniest mouse I have ever come across, but for the price (£12.49), not to be casually turned aside after one date. He is quite the slickest mouse I have yet had the pleasure to move around the desk – so light he just slides. Takes a bit of getting used to, but nice, as it puts no strain on my wrist. On the downside, his buttons are quite heavy and clicky. But I’ll get used to them as well. Not necessarily love at first sight, but not revulsion either.

It has been brought to my attention that I might have been a little harsh on poor Kenny, casting him aside as soon as the going got tough. That is not the case – he is still the first mouse in my heart, and has just been given a smaller workload, as opposed to being retired totally. Whenever I go somewhere, Kenny will be coming with me, because he is much more portable than Kevin.

Last Wednesday, Moose, the Cute Canadian, and myself, went to see Batman Begins. Really rather good – laughed at the funny bits, was appropriately apprehensive at the cliff-hanger moments, and etc. Christian Bale makes a good Batman, and Michael Cain makes a good Alfred. Gary Oldman was a marvelously restrained Gordon. The Cute Canadian feels he wasn’t assertive enough, but I argued that at this point in the cycle he is only a sergeant, trying to be straight in a city of corrupt cops. By the end, you do get the glimmer of the Commissioner, a stalwart warrior against the darkness. I really did like the genesis of the bat-beacon he uses to call Batman. Back to Bale – for the first time in any superhero movie, I really didn’t recognise the alter-ego when he was in the suit, and not just because of the raspy voice he affects. He really is another person totally. You do get the impression that it is Bruce Wayne who is subservient to Batman, and not the other way round. On the downside, the film did feel a little long – especially at the beginning, you are waiting for the explosions/unveiling of Batman to come onto the screen, but by the end of the movie I couldn’t think of a single thing that could have been cut. When you think about it, a film titled ‘Batman Begins’ is going to have a fair amount of exposition to do!

I could go on, but I won’t. If you haven’t seen the film yet, what’s been stopping you! I saw the film with a self-confessed fan-boy and if he was happy, you will be. I also saw the film with someone who admits that she isn’t the biggest fan of comics, and she was also happy. A film for everyone. I was distracted by the gratuitous display of Avalanche Face’s (Katie Holmes) nipples, and felt that she wasn’t really needed as a character, but Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow was a total dream. Is it wrong of me to fancy the bad guy more than the hero?

In summary – four penguins. Go see it. Now. What’s stopping you?

Today was also a good day – Tiana was unexpectedly down for the day, so I had a nice frappuccino and chat with her and the Arty One. It is a measure of how long its been since I chatted to her properly that she didn’t know I was no longer working at Whittard 1[I left back in February.], so we had a lot to catch up on! Talking to her made me realise how boring my life has been lately. Not a single bit of good gossip. Ah well, we have made tentative plans for everyone to meet up at GenCon this year. Seeing as how the last three GenCon’s are responsible for each of us getting a bloke, I’m looking forward to it – it’s my turn again this year around, and perhaps the end result will be more successful. Must make a note to myself though: avoid the tall ginger ones who work in phone shops and like writing. That way lies much fun, but much badness.

And now, I am off to take care of the blisters garnered whilst walking around the garden show on the Common this morning. When will I be able to find a pair of pretty shoes that don’t rip my feet to shreds? *sigh*