Do the astronauts have weapons?

I had been garnering lots of snippets and bits of news over the past few days with which to wow you, but I wrote most of this post whilst sitting in the lab, and I didn’t have the txt file with everything stored on it to hand. And now I’ve got home and looked through it all, frankly most of it was incredibly dull, and I have no idea what I was going to say. I am sure that I had witty and insightful remarks to make about lots of things that were in the news last week, but meh.

Tis definitely one of those days.

I think that I will keep this nice and short, just to let y’all know I am alive, and more (or less) kicking.

It really really is one of those days. I want to write something, but I sit and twiddle at the keyboard, and nothing is happening. I think that the combined powers of Ricky Martin and Enrique are sapping my creativity. Damn their sexy latin love songs with their pop vibes and accents you could cut with a knife.


Yep, ok, I’m giving up. Gonna go sit on my bed, finish Harry Potter, and feel sorry for myself.

Here’s a cute penguin to keep you occupied. I wanted to use him on my wiki, but the Godhead says no.


Understandable really, but still.