And then there’s the running, and the screaming

Ok, just got back from seeing “War of the Worlds” with Moose and Jeff, and thought I would give you my first impressions before they faded.

I liked it, which surprises me, because I was fully prepared not to like it. I love the classics (sci-fi that is), such as H. G. Wells, John Wyndham, or Philp K. Dick, and the number of times I have seen books I have loved by authors I adore totally destroyed on the big screen, has led me to always be pessimistic about such films. That, and the reviews haven’t been so glowing as to make me think it was a sure thing. Oh, and thirdly, Spielberg hasn’t exactly been on top form lately – “AI” anyone?

But this pleasantly surprised me. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it – that, and trying to hide behind Jeff. I would recommend going to see this film with someone to hide behind. The bit in the cellar… *shudder* Nor were the aliens too spindly. Ok, so their arms showed signs of conforming to Spielberg’s favorite Roswellian alien-form, but the heads were nice and beefy. Think “Close Encounters” crossed with “Independence Day” (says Jeff). And the ending, which I was dreading, wasn’t too overly sentimental. **1 SPOILER AT THE END OF THE POST BELOW THE TECHNORATI TAGS ** The last 30 seconds of voice over could have been cut / done differently, but 30 seconds out of a good two hours? Not bad at all.

Yes, there are plot holes you could lurch a Tripod through, and you can’t help thinking that they would have been better off just waiting it out in their basement, but I liked it. Three and a half penguins. If you take away no other gem of wisdom from this film, it is this:
If ever attacked by giant alien tripod thingies that come to Earth in bolts of lightning, just stay at home safe in your nice basement. Never mind if it has a bit of a damp problem. And if cornered by a creature that looks like the bastard love child of the aliens from “Close Encounters” and “Independence Day”, just sneeze on it. Don’t run. Running is bad. Running leads to all ends of trouble and having to batter Tim Robbins to death with a shovel. Trust me. Not worth it.

With that, I am off to watch something nice and fluffy, to try and take my mind off the dismembered body parts I just saw flying across a 70 ft screen.

The people who you are concerned might die, don’t die. This is Spielberg after all. He doesn’t do killing kids. He likes kids. Even the ones like Dakota Fanning who could scream for the Olympics.