i can’t make decisions based on the fact that i like your smooth skin

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Before I forget, I have great news to share – my hair is near as damn it long enough to satisfactorily head-bang once more! Not that head-banging to 70s glam rock is really that cool, but I was dancing round my room to the Sweet today, and realised to my delight that my hair once more, well, worked!

And no, I can’t explain my severe lapse in musical taste. I just like the Sweet is all. I think it must be the memories of long car journeys when I was younger, ‘Wig Wam Bam’ blasting out of the speakers of the old Saab, me and Dad singing along. I yoinked the cassette of the “Sweet Sixteen” compilation from the hifi cabinet when I was 11 and played that tape to destruction. Happy was the day when I found they had reissued the greatest hits on cd a couple of years back.

Oh god, I am so sad.

Mmmmmmmm, bluetooth headphony goodness for my iPod. This idea appeals to me. Bluetooth is a great technology, and I have been crying out [ok, not crying, but occasionally whining] for cordless headphones for my iPod. These would be so good for at the gym! But, $150 is a lot, even with a great exchange rate, and… who am I kidding, I don’t really need them! I’ve known of their existence for over a month now, thanks to Gizmodo, and I think I can survive. Well, at least wait till there is a cheaper (slightly less bulky) model on the market. These have to be below a copy of Photoshop, an OS upgrade to Tiger, and a digital camera on my wishlist. Not that far below though.

The great seaweed hunt of 2005.
Yesterday I was meant to be learning to become mad bad and dangerous (more dangerous) to know – the Nordic Ninja is giving classes in Akido on the Common at the moment – but I woke up late (it is a Saturday after all), and then Moose decided that she wanted to make sushi. Cue the need to scour the city looking for some yakinori (roasted seaweed sheets). We had directions to the nearest Chinese market from YoYo, our Taiwanese ex-flatmate, but they consisted of not much more than ‘it’s on the road just past the St Mary’s open air market’ and pointing the road out on the map. Cue putting on comfortable shoes and trudging off into the city centre*1*. We found the market fine, after a lovely walk through the park, but then had to decide whether to turn right or left down St Mary’s street. We decided right. We should have chosen left. But in the end the shop was found, two packs of yakinori purchased, and we made it safely back to the flat. Not that great a story really, was it? The sushi that Moose made looked good though. Mine, well, I haven’t made any yet, seeing as how I’ve already eaten all the smoked salmon that I was going to be using (doh!). When I do get around to making it, you can be sure that I will inform you all of how it went. Might even take some pictures. Now that’s something for y’all to look forward to, ain’t it?

Um, um. For once, I am just at a loss for words. It is not often things can make me just look at the screen gaping like a guppy fish for five minutes at a stretch with no idea of what to say. I have this site open on the other screen as I type this and I keep catching it out of the corner of my eye and just blinking. Funny, yes, but so so wrong. Kudos to Mary for bringing it to my attention.

The other thing lately that made me just blink for five solid minutes not knowing what to say, was Bubba Ho-tep. That film defies description. I’m glad I watched it *2*. I found it laugh-out-loud funny and oh-my-god-that-is-SO-wrong disturbed by equal measures. It was worth it even if only to see what Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead fame) has been doing lately. But… I couldn’t describe it if you paid me. The concept is as follows: Elvis Presley didn’t die and is living in a care home in east Texas. One of his fellow inmates is JFK, who wasn’t killed. Rather, he was dyed black and his brain replaced with sand by the Feds (his real brain is communicating with him from its jar in DC). There is a mummy on the loose who is feeding on the souls of their fellow rest-homers (can you noun rest home?) and it is up to them to stop it. I don’t think that anything else I can say will do the film justice.

*1*Walk = exercise for the day so not needing to go to the gym = any excuse I can think of!Back
*2*My faith in the Cute Canadian’s taste is being slowly restored after that incident where he swore blind I would enjoy Saw.Back