did you strap cheesecake to your body again?

Ok, had a snooze, and eaten lots of nice sugary things, so I’m feeling a bit more human. Time, I think, to tell you all about the great Cheesecake Debacle of 2005.

Ever since YoYo started making cheesecakes like a little demon six months ago, Moose and myself have, on and off, been heard to mutter things along the lines of “we should make cheesecake”. The other would invariably follow this comment with something like “yes, for cheesecake is good”. I belong to the school of thought that says you need gelatin to make cheesecake set properly (some time soon I’ll get around to posting the best cheesecake recipie EVER, but not tonight, because I am lazy). Moose, on the other hand, is positive that you can make cheesecake without such aids.

*edit* She is REALLY adamant that you don’t need gelatin. She’s looking over my shoulder now. I think that if I don’t stop going on about the gelatin she will…

Nope, not going to go there. She is brandishing a glass of Pepsi at me. Very dangerous that Pepsi.

Anyway, back the story.

Alas, poor Moose, she lost her trusty recipie for non-gelatin-requiring cheesecake*1*. Determined to prove me wrong (I, as already mentioned, think gelatin is the cheesecake-makers friend) she did a google on “Cheats Cheesecake” and came across a recipie from the SU at Edinburgh University. The internet is great, isn’t it?

She made it last night, so that we would have a nice treat awaiting for us when we got back from the vampiric blood service. (Every time I go, I half expect the church hall to have been taken over by the dudes from Blade II). It needed condensed milk, cream cheese, biscuits, and some butter, thats it. And two hours to chill.

24 hours later, we had the Self Healing Cheesecake.

Not set.

1:0 to the gelatin camp.

It really is an odd experience, eating cheesecake that you could drink with a straw. It was more of a cheesecake-flavoured yoghurt with biscuity inclusions. Very tasty, wonderfully sickly and sweet, and the ‘fruit de la passion’*2* juice mixed added just that little extra, but… odd. There is no word for it, other than odd.

If you don’t believe me, I took pictures. Go here to view the set of pictures on Flickr*3*.

*1*I did mention that I had given blood today, hadn’t I? Today was rather warm, which has conspired to make me have a worse-than-usual reaction to donating. Normally I am fine. Today, it’s proving to be difficult to string words together. Hence the rather odder than usual phrasing, grammar, and spelling in this post. Just so you know.Back
*2*That would be passionfruit to most the rest of the English speaking world. I think I am currently on a sugar high…Back
*3*I finally got my mits on a decent digital camera, thanks to a deal with Farv, so be expecting more pictures on the blog from now on. It can even take movies (with sound!!), so expect one or two of them as well, maybe 🙂Back
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