Race For Life 2

Well, I did it. I jogged, walked, and occasionally ran 5 km around the Common for Cancer Research UK.

To everyone that has sponsored me already, than you so much, and it is time to pay up if you haven’t already. Everybody else, there is still time to donate online at the secure site www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/brightmeadow.

I ran today in memory and celebration of the following amazing people:
Lily Fraser, a good friend, who died before her 13th birthday of acute recurring leukemia.
Aunty Helen, who died of skin cancer, leaving behind two children, a husband, a sister, and an extended family who all loved her very much.
Grandad (Gordon Buchanan), who died on the 17th of September 1996 of stomach cancer, after fighting it for many years.
Jess’ father, Warren Anderson, who’s death last year from acute blastic leukemia came as a shock to everyone who loved him.
Jason’s friend, Cathy Pastore, one of the survivors,
and everyone else affected in any way by cancer.

Photo’s from the race can be found at the Race for Life set on Flickr.

Also, there are four short films:
Movie 1 – an introduction
Movie 2 – 10,000 women doing aerobics on the Common!
Movie 3 – at the Start Line (recap)
Movie 4 – crossing the Finish Line
These were taken on my digital camera, so the quality is not great, nor do I lay any claim to being a great cinematographer, but enjoy anyway. Warning! Don’t watch Movie 4 if you are prone to seasickness. It was filmed whilst running, so is more than a little shaky! When the guy says “taking pictures of us!”, that’s me he was talking about. Tee Hee.

And now, I am off to soak my feet, and read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as my reward.