the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

I’m not sure quite when these posts came more about what I found on the Internet lately rather than my thoughts etc, but I am detecting a definite trend here. Also not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing, but it’s happening, and I feel like going with the flow (so to speak, awful phrase, but my mind is elsewhere, so it will have to do).

The latest digest for you:

Ok, so watch this demo for the TactaPad and then tell me the possibilities didn’t give you goosebumps. Can’t do it? Good. Just imagine this degree of control over the entire comptuer. Goosebumps, no?

Be excited. Be very excited. V For Vendetta.

Well, it’s got some swooshy-coat action if nothing else. I am a Matthew Macfadyen fan as well, especially when he is looking all nice and disheveled. I am a little concerned that they seem to have raunched the story up slightly (longing looks/going in for the kiss is so not traditional Austen darling!). And it’s going to have to go some to meet the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle/BBC production of a few years back, but here’s hoping! Pride & Prejudice

(click for bigger) PP

THIS is not a robot. It is a Japanese lady sitting very still. Well, the alternative is just too freaky to think about!

RSI is a pain in all senses of the word, trust me on this. This Keyboard though looks just a leetle bit serious for me. And expensive. Don’t forget expensive.

Oddly named. Oddly compelling. The Chumscrubber. (We’ll ignore for now that it contains about 50 of my favourite actors!)

If you do nothing else that I recommend, go to David Pogue’s thing about Podcasting on the NYT and watch the video you find on the left hand side entitled “David Pogue on Podcasting”. The first half is all serious. The second half, just surreal. I made the mistake of watching it whilst eating my breakfast this morning. I then had to spend five minutes hoovering the toast-crumbs from my keyboard, I was laughing so much. Then give yourself a treat and watch some of his other videos… (including the iPod flea…)

I have brought you all manner of wooden computers and accessories in the past. Now, I bring you (drum roll please) the Wooden Ferrari F50. Yep, that’s right, a wooden Ferrari. No, I don’t know why you’d want one either, but the picture looks kinda cool.

The NYT is always good for a laugh. Read the Stealth review and have a good giggle. “an interminably snotty hotel clerk right before the phone bounces off his head” indeed… Though I do still want to watch the film. Let me clarify in case you are concerned that my recent sojurn in the wilds of Somerset has done something to my taste. I look forward to this movie for it promises to be that rarest of rare thing, the genuinely funny bad film. Hopefully hilarity will insue. That, and Josh Lucas in a swimsuit? What more does a girl need?

Nothing like a good bit of time paradox to get the blood thumping: A Sound of Thunder

And finally, some good news with regards people power – I am not sure if anyone other than me subscribes to RSS feeds with any regularity [You should by the way, they’re useful] so the following might not be a thing for you, but I have one issue with the NYT feeds, and it is this. On the movie reviews, they don’t tell you what movie the review is about! Meaning you have to go to the website anyway, which kinda defeats some of the purpose of an RSS feed. Well, I finally got narked enough to send them an email (this was a couple of weeks back now). And this morning I got a very lovely email from Joan Taylor of the NYT Customer Service saying they were looking into it and to expect a change soon. Feedback is good people, it really is. If something narks you, or you love something, let the appropriate people know. There are few things more depressing than sitting staring at your computer screen muttering obscenities because it doesn’t work the way you expect it to. If you never speak up in this life, well, you have no right to complain when things don’t turn out as you thought they would.