i think the christians did a little better with the lions

Today’s soundtrack: Alanis Morisette, Jagged Little Pill.
Actually kind of wishing I wasn’t listening to this. Last time I heard it I was 13, had been in the hospital for a month, and was looking at another month there, was in the process of recovering from abdominal surgery. At the time I liked the song so my brother requested it for me on the hospital radio. Now, not so much. *skip* Ah, much better…
Fool’s Garden, Lemon Tree. Mmmmmm wierd German/Swedish Rock.

Right, I did something to fuck up my ankle whilst dancing the other night. I woke up on Sunday and it was all swollen and painful. Now it is painful, without the icky swelling, but still painful. I now have three limbs out of the four swathed in tubigrip. At least when you stay at home and watch movies you don’t get injured. Grrr. In case you hadn’t guessed, I am not in a good mood. I was having a good day (lots of shiny wiki-goodness got done) so I came home happy, but tired, from a productive day in the lab. Then I try to access the wiki, not an hour after I left it running happily, and it is no longer working. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I quit! Really, I do! There aren’t enough cups of tea in the world…

Rather than rant for ever and a day about the evilness of wiki’s, I will content myself with a bitter and twisted round up of the latest shiny internet goodness.

I’ve mentioned his blog before, but I will mention it again – go read the Old Prof’s blog. 82 years old and blogging with the best of them. Not yet managed to conquer his slug infestation, but working on it.

The other day I brought you the scary female ‘robot’. Apparently she’s been going strong for a good 6 years now. So now, I bring you videos… Links to video of scary android-lady

To quote someone: I don’t need, I want. Furgles CD Holder. I have no need for a furry thing that only holds 24 cd’s (when I go away I have an iPod for the music, and a much more compact wallet for DVD’s). They are just… Furry. Does something to me. Like Tribbles. The simplest alien life-form ever invented for a sci-fi show, but so totally adorable. I’m still on the lookout for a making-noise one, if anyone wants to give me a treat 😀 I have no need for one. I just want one.


BTW, I do resent the overt pinkness of this site, but hey, who am I to argue with stereotype? ShinyShiny – girly gadget goodness.

Jeff Bridges. Penguins. I can die happy.

There is one problem with dressing all respectable-like and not looking like a student – shop assistants start to call you ‘madam’. Went into the LCE on Saturday to see if they could fix my ill SLR*1* and every other word out the chap’s mouth was ‘madam’. I am not the keeper of a house of ill repute, and I am definately not a middle aged or married French lady, so I am not a madam. Not sure what I am, but it ain’t that!

There really are some cute cats on this, The Infinite Cat Project. If you’re not a cat person, then the idea of a string of over 1000 cats looking at pictures of cats looking at pictures of cats looking at pictures of cats looking… might not be your thing. If you are curious, I came to this site courtesy of the this article on the NYT. And you thought that the NYT was all about serious news! I’d guestimate a good 60% of my funnies and giggles come from the NYT. Bless my brother for moving there five years ago, so prompting me to follow what was going on there.

NEW SERENITY TRAILER ONLINE!!!!! here. Yes, in case you hadn’t guessed, I am quite excited about this. And everyone has to go and watch it, because if it is a success, there will be at least another movie or two… Best lines in this trail definitely go to Jayne. Mmmmmmm, Adam Baldwin…

Worth looking at if only to see that Napoleon Dynamite the actor isn’t all that stomach churning after all! Just Like Heaven trail

I hate guns. I hate all they stand for. I hate violence. I hate even to watch violence, so why oh why do I find myself wanting to watch Lord of War when it comes out? And, ok, so the presence of Jared Leto looking hot, Nic Cage being, well, Nic Cage, and Ethan Hawke for good measure, is tempting. But that isn’t all of it. Damn it. I know I’m going to dislike watching this. ARG!


I am all for open-access and the like, so the news that the Metropolitan Opera has put it’s database online is good news (I can’t stand opera, but hey, online is fun). One thing that got me is the paragraph at the end of the first page – the dude is being sued for alienation of affection because his database is too addictive?! Do people sue computer games companies?! Silly Americans and their sue-anybody-that-stays-still-long-enough policy. (the story)

I love chess. I actually collect chess sets – well, if I see a beautiful one I have to have it. Now, I am not a fan of pink. Nor am I a fan of Hello Kitty. But, something about this Hello Kitty Chess Set speaks to me. If anyone out there can read Japanese, how much is it, and how do I get it delivered to the UK!

Pocket (over in Japan) got one of these a few months back. Moose and myself both felt they were just so supremely silly and cute, it was a must. And now, the iDog is coming to the UK.

In keeping with previous post about the TactaPad, I bring you (courtesy of ShinyShiny), the VKB virtual keyboard. Once again I am excited about a technology that means I don’t have to exert pressure when I type, though all the indications are that this isn’t overly great. Still, the future is getting nearer every day 🙂

I was just looking at some stills from ‘Stealth’ (still looks, well, curiously seductive) and I realised that Jessica Biel looks rather fine in her jumpsuit. Now I understand the need to get across some sex-appeal to the audience, and that the traditional green suits aren’t exactly designer, or form-fitting, but they are like that for a reason. They have lots of teeny-tiny pumps, values, and pipes and things inside that respond to changes in pressure, pushing the blood from a pilots extremities back to his head, so that he doesn’t black out under the extreme G forces exerted flying such planes. I know that this film is set in the ‘future’, but it is a NEAR future, and in that jumpsuit? Jess is going to make a very pretty corpse. Then again, who am I to expect realism from a Rob Cohen film? Actually starting to look forward to this, in a popcorn kind of way.

You do find some gems on the internet – a site all about vintage Kodak cameras. Call me old fashioned, but you just don’t get the same thrill from a digital camera. I love my digicam, but taking a picture (and not being sure if it’s going to come out as you wanted) is a joy and the reason I haven’t ditched the SLR yet.

*1*They can’t, but I gave it a dose of good loving and it is now working. Odd. Hasn’t worked for two years, then suddenly when I threaten it with the repair man, it works. Now I have a film to develop that is a good three years old and I haven’t a clue what is on it!Back