once more with feeling

An open letter to all drivers of public transport:

Dear sirs and madams,

If you see someone hobbling down the road, approximating the ground speed of an arthritic sloth (2_toed_sloth), about 100 meters away from the bus stop, please do not pull away just as that person is within hailing distance.

It is cruel.

And mean.

Just plain nasty.

Totally unworthy of someone of your noble calling.

Next time, please wait those few extra moments. You will make up the time somewhere else on the route, and will have earned the eternal gratitude of a member of the public – someone’s whose support might make all the difference next time you want to strike to get a pay rise.

Yours, pleadingly,
Hop-A-Long of Southampton

Thanks to this nameless driver of the 1547 U2 down the Avenue, my walk home was 20 minutes of pain, as opposed to 10 minutes. I vented my fury with some very unlady-like swearing during the walk (correction, hobble) home, hence the resigned rather than furious tone of this post.

Still, Cas is all :'( now