you got a cat? because i can feel something licking me…


I’ve been looking for a new bag for a while now – I am picky, so it’s taken a bit to find what I wanted. I was looking for something small but groovy. It’s for when I go out you see. You need something big enough to keep your wallet, phone, keys, and eyeliner etc in (at least if you are me you do), but not something so big that you look odd when dancing. Alas, all the bags I have at the moment are of the black-hole variety. They fit EVERYTHING you could ever need and then some, but really spoil the line of an outfit.

So we were in H&M today, I was picking through the accessories in a desultry fashion, and then I saw the above. I hadn’t even picked it off the shelf when Moose went “oh yes, that’s perfect”. As I make a point of never arguing with Moose, especially when she is right, I got it. And it is. Perfect that is.