Wacky stories with rib cages in them

Ok, I am being badgered on both sides of the pond now to post up some stories.

The question is, what format should this be done in? The reverse chronological order of the blog makes it not ideal for the posting of longer works of fiction and, bearing in mind this is me we are discussing, I do tend to prefer the longer winded form of writing.

Should I

  1. Post the last chapter first, then the second last, and so on, till the first is at the top of the page and you read it all in one go?
  2. Post first chapter first, then second, till the last is at the top, but provide linking between somehow?
  3. Post it in serial form (a chapter per day/week/random interval)?
  4. You tell me.

Seriously, I’m not the one that has to read it, you are.
Also, is there even an audience out there if I do this? I am going to feel a right muppet if there is zero interest. Though lack of audience hasn’t stopped me blogging, for some reason fiction is different in that respect.

Anyway, feedback on the above, and anything else you care to think about, please. I’m off to stare at wiki’s some more and stick pins on the voodoo doll I just made of random-cyclist-chappy from last night.