what, do you think I’m stupid? yes, I think you are stupid

Ok, I have come to the decision that I deserve to die the crazy old cat lady and be found a week later, mouldering away, with my fingers eaten off by my 50 feral cats. Just wanted to get that out in the open there.

*shakes head in sad, disconsolate fashion*

Also, half two in the morning is quite late to get back to the flat. You’d think you’d be able to get some privacy at that time in the morning. No. Enter random cyclists who just completely ruin everything.

*shakes head some more*

Good job I tend to see the funny side of things and, on the scale, this has to rate pretty high on the Cas-O-Meter.

Really. Old Cat Lady. No hope for me.

More coherent (and hopefully more humourous) post later. Right now I am going to go drown myself in the shower.