life is full of burnt soup stories

Cas is currently

So today has had its ups, and its downs.

The first downs were catalogued in the previous post, followed swiftly by getting into the lab and finding I’d left my teabags at home, so twice today I had to shell out 52 pence for some very dubious tetley tea.

Then there were some ups – finding a way to hack the wiki and get the Cute Canadian able to log onto the wiki being one of them.

Though the fact that even I can hack the wiki doesn’t bode well for the security of the bloody thing, so perhaps that should be a down…

Then there were some more downs – mainly centered around me crashing out at about 2 pm suddenly unable to form coherent thought or even keep my eyes open. It happens sometimes. At least I didn’t faint this time, which has happened in the past, much to the consternation of all around me. The sudden appearance on the scene of the Misogynistic Belgian didn’t make for my day improving any, especially not when his form of greeting is punching me, then going in for the leg-stroke. Words just don’t do justice to how much this guy creeps the fuck out of me.

Normally at this point, I would trudge home and take a nap. It really is the only thing to do in those situations. But alas, even that simple pleasure was denied me, when Moose came on MSN to tell me there were two large men in blue overalls in my room.

Now, there are certain situations under which a girl is not averse to having men in her room: sadly, neither of them was the man Cas had been dreaming of lately. They were maintenance men here to finally replace my sink – it’s been leaking like a very leaky thing since about March, and I’d given up hope of them appearing before I leave the flat in a month. Under any other circumstances, I would have been overjoyed at this news, and happily stayed in the lab till they’d finished, but I so wanted my bed.

Finally though they were done and it was safe for me to return.

I now have a shiny new sink! That doesn’t leak! And despite the fact my room stinks of sealant, I am so happy! Now all I need is users for my wiki and my cup would overfloweth. Ok, so there are a few other things I would like to happen, but a girl has to take happiness where she finds it these days.

The Latvian Lovely had this to say on the whole thing of finding random men in our flat:
“I walked into the kitchen, there were two men on the table, so I turned round and walked right out again.”

She has this deadpan delivery and a totally straight face, and it just cracked me up.