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What do you get when you get a load of very stressed computer archaeologists, human origins people, osteologists, marine archaeologists, and one lone man from Hull, and put them together in a building that sells alcohol and food?

Answer, a great evening. Even the presence of the Misogynistic Belgian couldn’t put too much of a damper on the evening. Saw Tilly and Sk8er Dude for the first time in a while today, and I got in some light musing duties whilst I was about it.

Finally, everyone now has a blog-name. It’s taken me near a year, but I got the last two tonight: Celtic Vixen, and Pimp Girl (said with complete love and affection – the girl is a total darling. It was suggested by herself). Jeff the Pimp *1* is also finally reconciled to his name. He did moan that everyone else had fun names, whilst he was stuck with Jeff, but when I explained the rational behind it again, he cheered up.

Also, Jeff is the latest convert to Firefly, coming to the party after being forced to watch the ‘Serenity’ episode with the Cute Canadian and myself on Sunday. He didn’t enjoy it much the first time round because the pair of us kept laughing over the jokes, and spoiling the plot etc (we’ve both seen it far too many times), but Jeff watched it again last night, and went straight on to ‘Trainjob’ he enjoyed it so much.

Roll on September and the release of Serenity.

Right, I’ve just been informed that I have to make Jeff sound cool. So, here goes: I would like to announce to all you random internet people out there that my friend, Jeff, is a cool person. So cool, in fact, that icebergs go to him for advice on how to stay chilly. He is the veritable King of Cool. There is no one cooler on the planet than my friend, Jeff. Yep, Coolie Mac Cool has nothing on Jeff. Cool is not only his middle name, it is his first and his last as well. Lock up your daughters. You have been warned.

Now, having blown any cred I might have had left on that whole “Jeff = Cool” issue *2*, I’m off to go over some edits and re-write the ending to a longer story so I can start to post it in a couple of days.

Best line of the evening has to be from Pimp Girl:
“When I’m dancing on the tables I know I’ve gone too far”.

*1*I’m really not being mean with all the pimp comments here. There was a strange confluence of t-shirts and… You just had to be there, but the Turf War over lunch in the courtyard was hilariousBack
*2*In all seriousness, he is a total honey. Love the boy. Jeff, sweetie, I’m sorry Back