do you think maybe his home is under a dirty bookstore in the valley?

Cas is currently

So a couple of people have been asking why I am so keen to get out of the current flat and find a shiny nice place of my own. At the moment, I would settle for a not-quite-shiny place so long as it wasn’t this dump. I think the following picture illustrates it pretty nicely.

Today is rather wet. I had to go out, so took my umbrella to keep me as dry as possible. This proved to be a mission: impossible, but that’s for another time. Still, I got home, and needed somewhere to put the umbrella to dry it out. My room was out because there wasn’t going to be enough room for me and the umbrella, and I had work to do, so I put it up in the bathroom.

There is something wrong when your umbrella takes up the entire room

Dark Meadow flickr album
And this is my small handbag sized model! *1*.

*1*Yeah, ok, you got me. It’s a golfing umbrella. You get the idea though. My flat = has tiny rooms.Back