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So the Inter Library Loans people are rapidly reaching the top of the list of people I really don’t like to wake up to in the morning. Pretty much the only person who I have even less desire to wake up to is the Misogynistic Belgian.

I have just had another message from these wonderful wonderful people saying that they are charging me £116.36 for the book I returned on time last week.

The ILL lady was very helpful on the phone (this one still had a brain it seems, unlike last time’s). Turns out “they have had a few problems with clearing it off my card”, but I am fine – I’m only liable for the fines incurred from the 19th to the 23rd when I was late returning it.

I thought I had already sorted this!

So I explain, yet again, to the nice ILL lady, that I had returned it at around 11 am on the 19th, the day it was due back, complete with the disc it was meant to have, and that I didn’t really appreciate being charged. Especially when they had already admitted they’d been a bit slow clearing things that particular weekend.

She very nicely assured me that she had cleared ALL the fines off the account, and that she has put a flag next to the item so I won’t be bothered by it again.

All I can say is, watch this space.

(and woot! this is my hundredth post!)