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Ok, it’s been a day or so since I blogged, and actually over a week since I last cleared out my ‘Random’ folder, so be prepared for a long post. Before you ask, the reason you don’t get lots of shorter ‘saw this and thought you might like’ posts during the week is that, as a rule, I write my posts on my computer in the lab. The bookmark folder on that computer is sadly not able to talk to the one on my powerbook, which has causes no end of hassle I won’t go into now. Also, I like to keep things in reserve in the event that I have no idea what to blog about. Today is one of those days. For some reason, blogging about the good stuff just doesn’t seem as funny as moaning about the bad stuff.

Either way, on with the show. All the NYT stuff is marked with an ‘*’ so you know which ones need the login. It’s free, but if you’re cookies just got wiped as mine seem to have, it is a bit annoying if you are unprepared.

* Downloadable Book – author Warren Adler is making his next novel available for download, free. Go him!

Adventures of iGuy – the iGuy iPod case gets up to all sorts of shenanigans (which is a word my spellchecker on TextEdit recognised! :O Still haven’t taught it that proper english spelling rarely uses ‘Z’ though.).

A selection of the best of the rest in the ongoing Intelligent Design vs Darwinism debacle.
ID vs Darwin prt 1 – the NYT/IHT spin on things.
The Panda’s Thumb – well researched sillyness.
Evolution at Berkley – a clear and well thought out site explaining both sides of things, and how best to teach it, as according to those clever people at Berkley.
Institute for Creation Research – makes me uncomfortable even linking to these people (damn not being able to assign value to linking yet), but as I’m all one for presenting both sides of the argument, go wild.
Mata with a few alternatives…

Back to the fun stuff.
Wikiwyg – Oh. My. God. I guess it helps if you understand what I’ve been researching this past year, but when this got released on Monday I got goosebumps all over. It is ridiculous to get so excited over about three lines of javascript, but I want to have this things babies! Even though I now have to rewrite an entire chapter.

EU Funding Game for Water Aid – link to a game designed by Mata. This one is all very serious and grownup, but well worth a look.

TruePower – longer lived iPod batteries. This one’s for Jeff, who’s iPod is just a teeny bit older than mine (2nd Gen, so we’re cooler than all the people who only got one because they became fashionable and mainstream), and can no longer make it through a day in the lab without some help.

Sushi gadget – I came late in life to the joys of Sushi, but they do say there’s no zealot like a convert. Not sure I want this machine though. Isn’t half the fun making it yourself with the little mat and stuff?

iTrip for the iPod – more shiny gadgetry. I’ve had a iTrip clone (mines an iRock) pretty much since I got the iPod so that I could listen to music in the car. Sadly, the Crazy Canalman got me one from the States, where FM isn’t used so much, and it was hardwired to the frequency that in this country is used to broadcast Radio 2, so it’s never got much use. This one though, looks cooler, and can change frequencies. I want!

Google Talk – not sure if I am totally ok with the turn it looks like Google is taking toward world domination, but at least the stuff they release works, unlike the majority of the Microsoft products out there! Alas, I can’t use this because it doesn’t work on Mac’s (grr). Also not totally ok with the fact you now need to provide your AMERICAN cellphone number to get a gmail account. What about the majority of the worlds’ population that doesn’t live in the States? Or that doesn’t, you know, want to give out their cellphone number just like that? Fortunately, I have all the gmail accounts a girl could need (for now), but I might have to send myself some invites just to make sure. Anyone else want one before you need to use your phone?

Women have lower IQs than men – you wha, buh who? (inarticulate noise of surprise). Um, yep, ok. Seriously the Guardian is rapidly becoming one of my least favourite papers. Not sure why I still get the feeds for it.

Mobile Photo Printer – for all of you out there (like the CC) whose fun snaps are locked forever on their cameraphone. Then again, I normally look awful on cameraphone pictures (any picture for that matter), so no! Look away!

Evian Water Bra – nope. No idea why.

Blanket Security – this just seemed funny to me,

Army joins parade for Gay Pride – go the UK military. I totally do not agree with you, and I wish we didn’t have to have an army at all, but seeing as how we live in the real world, the least we can do is be inclusive. *waves the article at the Americans* Yep, we have Gays in the Military. So do several other countries, including Canada (apparently), and it really doesn’t cause the problems you seem to think it will cause. Get over it.

BBC to put channels on the net – go Auntie! YAY!

There has been an unprecedented level of distraction this past week. He blames me. I blame him, and he’s the man, so he’s to blame. So now, I’m off to do some much needed work. Toodles.