two corpses in three hours, i mean that’s unusual right?

Cas is currently

Well you could knock me down with a feather. It would have to be a pretty hefty feather, because I am no light weight, but I am sure, given the appropriate plumage and enough force, I could be sent arse-over-tip.

Why, do I hear you cry, am I currently so easy to upend? Well, one thing is that I keep forgetting that links are two-way. You link to something and promptly forget that people frequently look at who is linking to them in return. I don’t know why I forget this, because I do it myself (very few people link to me, if you are interested), but forget it I do. Last Monday I posted about how the addition of different barnyard animals to one another does not necessarily create a new species *1*, linking to Paul’s recent tribulations with GIS.

And lo, I open up Gmail this morning, and it tells me I have a comment from the afore linked-to personage *2*.

Hence the feather-knocking comment.

Yes, ok, so it might not seem much to you, but I am in an odd mood today. I’ve already waltzed round the lab once, and the day is yet young, so who knows what the rest of it will bring?

The other reason I am in an odd mood is that I am currently listening to a band called The Mountain Goats. I am not sure what I think of them. Currently I am just settling for odd. They are a little… something… for my taste, but the CC has stolen the iPod to listen to the Eagles so it was the least I could do to steal his Walkman in return.

*1*A quote from a TJTS who was trying to explain stats to a class of very confused archaeologists.Back
*2*Also, more comments check out the post from the other week (this one). More Mata linkage. Tee hee hee. I am so sad and easily pleased.Back
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