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At the request of The Brainy Snail, here’s another blog post.*1*. Everyone be nice to The Brainy Snail; she is a little unsure about this whole blogging topic. Apparently mine is the first blog she has been brave enough to read! I am honoured, though not totally sure if starting with me is the best way to go.

Anyways, I’m not allowed to talk about her any more, so on with the post.

The observant among you might have noticed a slight change to the style of the blog. I am still on my eternal quest for a layout I can be happy with for more than three days straight. As always, feedback please 🙂

Moose, the Latvian Lovely, and myself took ourselves off to the pub last night for the Latvian Lovely’s leaving do. The plan was to play a few games of pool, have a couple of drinks, and have a laugh. Moose and the LL both swore that they were very very bad at pool.

Well, we got to the pub and there were no tables free. To cut a long argument short, needless to say it ended up with me, the youngest of the three of us, having to act all mature and claim a table from the drunken old men. Damn people’s misguided perception of me being the confident one!

Once we started playing though, it turns out that Moose has more teeth than your average Great White. The girl is a pool-playing demon. Either that or she sacrificed her firstborn to the Pool Gods to have skills for the evening. I, on the other hand, seem only able to play pool when being distracted by the Cute Canadian.

And… Thanks to JB, I have a way to end this post.

Now, I back to the land of wiki must go I. Toodles.

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