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Got a date for the broadband installation – 14th of October. Quite what can take them two and a half weeks I am not sure, but that is how long it takes, so that is how long I am going to have to wait.

Thanks to the glory of wifi and RSS though, I can bring you (almost) normal service. The following are the articles/headlines that caught my eye in Vienna this week enough to mark them. I can’t vouch for the content of some of them (mainly the news articles, and a few evil blogs that limit their feeds) but *shrug* have fun either way. One or two of these I have linked to mainly so I have a quick way of getting the links when I am in the lab on Monday, but there are a few goodies buried in there as well. Have I ever let you down before? (Don’t answer that.)

As always, a * by the link means it requires some form of free login to view it.

Internet users say debate over control misses point (IHT).

Ross Mayfield’s links for 01-10-2005. Wikipedia eats Google. Posted this one mainly for me and last minute research, but also as another warning to y’all that just because it’s the first hit in Google, doesn’t mean it is the right hit.

Two NYT (anti)evolutionist stories.
* For the Anti-Evolutionists, Hope in High Places.
* In Pennsylvania, It Was Religion vs. Science, Pastor vs. Ph.D., Evolution vs…

– I so want this to be me!

Link to Serenity Personality Test via JB.

Communication aid for the paralysed.

Ramblers attack pylon extension. I am not going to rant till I have read the full story, but grr. Bloody ramblers.

Griffin Smartdeck – sounds all full of geeky wonderfullness.

Call for Finns to demonstrate against silly copyright act. Not had a chance to check the veracity of this, but hey, who cares?

The New Cliche: “It’s the Wikipedia of…” As Ross says, you know something has arrived when it’s used to describe a phenomenon.

Broadband By Plug. If it’s true, how very very shiny!

Your blog: search engine rankings, anonymous blogging.

Silence is [not always] golden – ah, those lovely girls at Girlspoke.

WFME: Imaginary Friends – just so I can remember this for a post I am in the middle of writing…

Palace date for US breakfast show – I know there is more to this story than the summary is giving me, but… you what now?

Cartoon Secrets. Intrigued. Want to be able to click the links in the article. Can’t. Sad now.

Congress Abandons WikiConstitution – ooh, it is always nice when you hear about new(ish) projects in time to fit them into your conclusion…

Blair Powerless Over Dentists. I don’t care what the article is about. The headline is enough for me.

Update on the ‘Bond Race’. Goran (ER) Visnijc as Bond? I am having problems with that. Daniel Craig on the other hand…

When Media Becomes Culture: rethinking copyright issues.

Sub-$100 laptop design unveiled. The social implications of this are, if not necessarily ‘huge’, fairly large. That’s if, you know, everyone puts ego and stuff to one side for once.

Copyright Law Book licensed under CC. Go Creative Commons.

* Michael Crichton becomes State Witness on global warming. Now I’ve not read the text of the article yet, but again, you what now?

Web 2.0 Elevator Pitch. Some of the latest answers to the seemingly unanswerable question of ‘what is Web 2.0 when it’s at home anyway?’

Got Browser Woes? Think Again.

Plans for a Euro-Russian space craft.

Just when I was feeling insecure, I still feel insecure – I feel all guilty now. I am a lurker, not a commenter. It’s taken many hours of therapy, but I am coming to terms with this. Still, at the same time I don’t want to comment on other peoples blogs etc, I want them to comment on mine. Catch 22, but a bit less serious.

Starting to think I should get me some of this Skype action.

Etch a design onto your iPod or Powerbook. These look monumentally funky but I think I would just be too scared. I haven’t even had the guts to stick a single sticker on my shiny Powerbook. The back of the iPod is all scratched and dented now (all honorable scars) yet… I am still scared to stick something on it, let alone something as permanent as etching. I think this horror goes back to the day when my brother stuck some stickers he got from a cereal packet all over my bike. I never did get those damn things off the poor thing.

Semantic Headers. I am intrigued. I will be checking this out when I get into the lab on Monday.

Ross Mayfield’s links for 23-09-2005. Some interesting wiki things for me to, again, look into on Monday.

Blogging as therapy. Half holds up hand. Ok, so maybe sometimes it is for me. Sometimes. My preferred form of therapy (if you can have a preferred form of therapy) is writing stories. Just… I’ve not had a good idea in two years now 🙁

Ross Mayfield’s links for 09-09-2005. Again, one or two links that interest the researcher in me.

blogher: Do You Attend Carnivals? The idea intrigues me.

Frog Design Mind. If this is the link I think it is, very pretty.

Improving link display for print. Also known as CSS is your friend.

Ben Hammersley: Neologism. This must have made sense when I read it because I bookmarked it. *shrug*

John August: Dear Governor Schwarzenegger…

Wee Wonderfuls: Plain Spoken – check! Wish I could remember what this was!

Beyond Cyberpunk! The Web Version. So geeky. So cool. A piece of hypertext history.

Jim Kelly – Free Reads. More eBook goodness.

* Build your own lego. You are never too old for lego.

British Library: Turning Pages Project. Great idea. Sad that I can’t look at it at all because 1) I am currently on dial up and 2) I don’t have Flash in the lab.

Scanned in coconut-flake book. No idea, but the headline sounds cool!