you’re mad. that’s what they said about jesus. they also say it about a lot of mad people

Cas is currently

We have broadband in the house! Still not totally happy, because it requires sitting on the floor with the laptop on a box in the lounge (one modem, two users, no phone socket in my room = awkwardness till we can get a router), but much better than the alternative of going to the library or the lab to check email and stuff.

Anyway, some late-night linkage. (Late night as in time that I posted it, not content. Dirty minded people. Tut tut.)

Intelligent Design fun:
Flying Spaghetti Monster Broach.
Science and Religion can coexist.

Things that have made Cas’ geek-senses tingle: Not had a chance for a proper play, but looks fun. Ditto this. Fun? And again, geek-Cas-fun.
Wikipedians write for Esquire.
Governance, Scaling and Anonymity in Wikipedia.
Top 10 Web Design mistakes.
* A Grammar Note to Web Writers. (Yes, I am aware that this is a case of do as I say, not do as I do).

Just general sillyness and things that made me go huh?:
Europe needs more robots.
Proposed Indian law would make the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit criminals.
School goes ‘totally’ digital. Half of me is going ‘yay! I want to go to school here’, the other half of me is going ‘um… this is wrong’.

Things that made me go grrrrrrrrrrrr:
SMS Bible – OK, I’m not Christian, and the thought of txt-speek bible verses is insulting me. Then again, I might just be being over sensitive.
Attack of the NYT. A few months back, the NYT announced their stupid plan to make people subscribe to some of their columns (how mid 1990’s). I wasn’t expecting much of a problem, because it seemed to effect columns I didn’t read much. Then I try to view some articles on the IHT today, and what happens? I get greeted with the linked screen (screenshot later if I can be bothered). Irritating. Very very irritating.

That’s it.