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It’s been a month since we moved into Meadow Towers and with every passing day it feels more and more like ‘home’. I hadn’t realised quite how settled I felt here till the other week, when I came back from the hospital, and just felt… at home. That’s the only way I can describe it.

I really can’t emphasize enough the importance to me of having my own space. Sheer bliss. We have pretty much all the furniture in place now – just waiting on a table on which to put the TV (and dvd, video, and freeview box) and we’re done! My room is now 95% complete with the addition of the last set of bookshelves; it’s just waiting on me to sort out the under bed storage and I will be totally done. Till I decide to rearrange the furniture that is. Moose is taking a little longer to get everything sorted out, but she’s getting there. It’s amazing how the immanent arrival of visitors from Armenia can suddenly focus your activities on finally getting fully unpacked!

There is now wireless broadband in the flat, so I can surf wherever the mood takes me – even in the bath! (if, you know, my laptop wasn’t worth so much money). It was surprisingly difficult to get the router configured properly. Broadband companies are missing out on a trick there – Tiscali said they’re perfectly happy for the service to be on a network (one of the reasons we chose them), but that they wouldn’t give any technical support to get it set up.

Who, seriously, in this day an age, would be content with just one USB DSL modem? If you’re getting broadband, the chances are there is going to be more than one computer in the family = arguments = the need for a router. In my own family, come Christmas when we all congregate down at the Homestead, there are four computers, all of which their owners are highly desirous of connecting to the Internet. Not just desirous, in fact, need to connect.

As for getting the thing to go wireless… The XP platform has been out for a while now. You’d think the manufacturers of a router/gateway would be capable of making it plug-and-play… Then again, it did only cost £50 from Tesco’s, so I suppose I shouldn’t grumble too much. Just don’t get me (or Moose) started on the instructions being on a CD-ROM, with the first instruction being ‘make sure everything is totally turned off, then connect it all, and then start up the computer’. Poor Moose’s laptop – it’s not a happy bunny at the moment anyway, and it didn’t know what had hit it when we were trying to get it all working. I lost count of the number of times it had to be restarted.

But it’s all working now. If there are any broadband companies out there listening, why don’t you set up a package that comes with a nice router included, or at least include customer support so when we’re trying to get your settings (fiendishly hard to find in the first place) into a third party router that does things in a completely different fashion, we don’t want to burst into tears? *1*

This wasn’t meant to be a rant about the trials and tribulations of getting the flat all connected, but hey! I had fun either way. In other news, in the last couple of weeks I have seen:

  • Cinderella Man – the non-boxing bits were really rather good. The boxing bits had me hiding behind the CC. I really don’t like violence, and it was… graphically shot. Much better than the American buzz had lead me to belive.
    Four penguins, though I won’t be getting it on DVD as I really did not like being forced to watch two men beat each other into bloody pulps.
  • Land of the Dead – actually less gruesome than Cinderella Man! Just one intestine shot that had me averting my gaze. I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t want to see it again, but glad I saw it.
    Three penguins.
  • Serenity. Oh. My God. You have to see this film, even if you aren’t a fan of the Firefly series (and if you aren’t a fan of the series, what’s wrong with you?). The first half seemed like an extended TV episode (no real focus), but still Whedon at his best. The second half though, as soon as they had their ‘mission’… Spine tinglingly good! Funny, scary, moving. I am not ashamed to admit that the ending had me sniffing and holding back tears. My one niggle? Whedon crumbled under studio pressure and had sound in space. In the series, when things explode in space, you get no sound other than the music soundtrack (as, you know, the laws of physics dicate!), which is perfect. The composer knew his stuff and the music implied things going ‘Kaboom! Kablooey!’ just perfectly. But in the big space battle, things were going Kaboom! Kablooey! all over the place. Grrr.
    Four and a half penguins. It just missed on the five penguins, mainly due to the lack of tightness in direction and the slightly soggy first half. Go and watch it. Now. Then get the series out on DVD and watch that again. Tell your friends to go and see the film – we want it to be enough of a success that Whedon gets to make 2 and 3 in the trilogy he has planned.
  • Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit – sheer genius. So very, very funny. Worthy of an oscar. You know those annoying people at the back of the cinema who just keep laughing out loud? That was me and Moose. I just couldn’t help it – so funny! And I want one of the little bunny rabbits. Worth going to see if only to see the short before the film starts, featuring the Madagascar Penguins… I haven’t laughed so much in one cinema outing since I don’t know when. I want to give this one five penguins, but something is holding me back. Not quite sure what it is, but, nope.
    Four and a half penguins.

I doubt many of you will have noticed a new addition, tucked in down the bottom of the sidebar, but I love it. Click on the link to see a map of where the last twenty visitors for the blog came from. Had someone from Alaska this morning!

Oh, before I forget – you have to ask Moose about Rabbit Surfing. Trust me. Funny. Just wish there was pictographic evidence to share.

*1*Yes, just occasionally I feel the need to act a bit girly about things. It was very stressful trying to get the damn thing to work! Took two rather intelligent people two days!Back
*2*Ok, you can stop laughing at me now.